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Sabbaticals and Slowbaticals (Episode 241)

Sabbaticals and Slowbaticals (Episode 241)

Topics We Explored:

  • Why it’s important for founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs to consider a sabbatical or a “slowbatical”

  • This means offering yourself a time to slow down, recover, and recharge from career stresses

  • How as a society we have reached a critical point where many people are near imminent burnout

  • The cost of burnout to you, your clients, your employees, and your bottom line

  • Why, if you’re thinking, “I can’t do that,” then this episode is especially for you

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Episode Timestamps

[2:56] When reflecting on this episode, Angela realized she and Charlie continued to have the “burnout” discussion without ever taking a break to recharge.

[7:41] What is a slowbatical? And why it’s more attainable than a true sabbatical.

[9:59] So many of us have reached a tipping point where today’s pace is driving us to burnout on a detrimental scale.

[10:42] One positive of the pandemic is we have begun talking more about burnout and the need for slowing down; even though it was at a tipping point before COVID-19.

[12:48] When we talk about burnout, most people think about being incapacitated but there are levels of burnout. Oftentimes, it’s more gradual than a dramatic implosion.

[14:53] Rather than waiting for a falling out, it’s best to plan for what to do if there is burnout.

[16:06] The OEN April panel discussion spared an important issue which is why there is so much pressure and threat of burnout on founders and small business owners, especially.

[23:55] It’s okay to recognize what role privilege plays in the need for sabbaticals and slowbaticals without discounting the importance.

[27:07] While this episode has an emphasis on founders, it is just as important for those with side hustles or traditional jobs to allow themselves the mindset to slow down.

[30:24] There may be a cost to taking a break, but there will likely be a bigger cost to not taking one.

[34:48] What and when founders and business owners can plan for sabbaticals and slowbatticals.

[44:48] It’s time to stop saying, “I can’t” when it comes to sabbaticals and slowbaticals. And start asking, “Why?”

[46:15] The two questions you need to ask when thinking about a slowbatical are 1) What are you making space to do more of? 2) What are you making space from?

[49:00] Time and time again, people that take slowbaticals find that results remain relatively the same.

[54:15] Angela has not only helped clients and seen their growth with slowbaticals but she’s also had to examine and struggle with this in her own life.

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