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Mark Drager: The Gift of Not Knowing (Episode #253)
Mark Drager: The Gift of Not Knowing (Episode #253)

Key Takeaways:

[3:24] Charlie’s background and why he decided to become an entrepreneur.

[9:16] It typically takes 18 months to 36 months just to figure out what you're doing as an entrepreneur.

[13:13] Mark talks about his career journey from going to film school to going to a corporate company at a franchise company making videos. There, he started to look at which projects he enjoyed the most and which ones had the highest profit margins that he could deliver.

[14:01] The lowest point in Mark’s business and how it changed.

[16:13] Mark’s story of using his high intelligence, talent, and energy in a way that served himself and others.

[23:47] Asking for help is one of the greatest things we could do.

[24:15] When you accept the gift of not knowing, it opens up all these possibilities.

[24:20] It’s okay that you don’t know, and you don’t have to fight that.

[31:42] What path will get your message in front of the people you want to speak to, and then once you are there, how do you build an experience better than your competitors?

[33:16] The principles of marketing and sales haven’t really changed since 2000 years ago. We’ve just gotten better at implementing those principles.

[45:28] Mark’s decision to stop running his business.

[1:04:11] Doing our best work requires us to center ourselves on our dreams and our passions.

[1:11:05] Ask yourself: what’s the smartest thing you can do next, and then, what’s the most courageous next step you can take on that project?

[1:19:38] Mark’s Challenge: Let him help you.


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