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Creating Hope During COVID-19 (Episode 218)

Creating Hope During COVID-19 (Episode 218)

Charlie sits down with Angela to reflect on this time we’re experiencing in our world with COVID-19, and what life has been like for them and their business. They talk about where they were before the pandemic, and how that set the stage for how they are handling this time. Together, they share their routines, some of the challenges they’ve faced, and what beautiful things have come out of this time that they are going to take with them after this has passed.

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] - Charlie and Angela went to Costa Rica in late February for a retreat. Angela talks about the overwhelming feeling that she needed to participate in the retreat (rather than just Charlie), and how this trip and retreat became an energetic catalyst for a reboot in their lives.

[8:50] - Charlie reflects on some of the parts of himself and the business that they’ve put on hold since about 2015, and two big let-go’s they’ve had recently: the death of their cat and the launch of Charlie’s book.

[13:55] - Jamaica allowed them to fully unplug from day-to-day life in Portland, and re-connect with each other and process their grief from events in 2019. The “hard stops” of Jamaica and Costa Rica allowed them to get some clarity and perspective to be able to get back into their lives.

[17:11] - Charlie and Angela talk about how their recent prior experiences prepared them for the uncertain and uncomfortable times that have hit since mid-March and COVID-19. They’ve looked into their existing material that is actually quite well-suited to this time, and also launched the Daily Anchors. How can we create the best future with what’s right in front of us?

[20:50] - Angela has been writing “Daily Anchors” every business day about what’s going on in their lives and business. It has been an opportunity for her to get back to using her voice to provide support, help, and light in the dark. Her writing practices for herself became things that could also benefit their community, and one of the most beautiful things to come out of the pandemic.

[25:40] - Charlie talks about his current position and the journey he’s on of handing over some of the creative load to other people on the team. About the time they started sharing their resources, a book idea has struck Charlie that feels right to dive into now. At the same time, Start Finishing has been doing incredibly well.

[32:20] - COVID-19 and the stress that it has placed on businesses and teams has really made creative work important. It is pretty remarkable what things have opened up in the way of creativity, and how you can be of support in the world. There are moments and opportunities right in front of us that we didn’t have before.

[37:47] - In addition to creative output, Angela has been managing the finances for Productive Flourishing since the outbreak, through their Payroll Protection Plan. She talks about the anxiety around their business finances, and the reality of trying to secure support from public funding.

[47:10] - Charlie talks about managing fear during this time of Covid, and how we can also focus on what’s going well and what you may have to celebrate during this time. There is an emotional contagion of anxiety and fear, it’s a fine line to walk to provide support and recognize other people’s realities.

[49:55] - One of the biggest challenges for Charlie has been energetic claustrophobia, and not having access to the same spaces he had before Covid. The biggest challenge for Angela was the PPP, and having to shift her yoga practice to remote.

[54:25] - Charlie and Angela talk about how to deal with loved ones not taking as good care of themselves as they should during this time, and perhaps not being cautious enough. This applies not just to physical proximity, but also media consumption. Check in on yourself and others, because we’re still pretty early on in this thing.

[1:00:12] - Charlie and Angela talk about some of the things that have been really helpful for them during this Covid time, primarily music. Non-stressful video games and taking extra time off  have also provided an outlet for Charlie.

[1:07:07] - Besides writing, some of the things that have been helpful for Angela have been the convenience of delivery and dropping expectations about herself and her roles and responsibilities (especially as a woman). Leaning into help when it’s available is okay! Nature has also been a balm for her.

[1:12:02] - Despite the hard, there have been many beautiful gifts, revelations, and learnings that they hope to carry with them after we are out of this Covid time. One of the biggest life lessons has been knowing when to hold on and when to let go. It’s also important to keep sight of what you have to look forward to.

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