Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
090: Q&A - How to Plan Your Day Based On Your Energy Levels (+ more)

090: Q&A - How to Plan Your Day Based On Your Energy Levels (+ more)

This is our first Q & A episode and I’m excited about it. In today’s episode I discuss: 1) creative ways to use the results from your productivity heat map, 2) how I suggest people approach heat mapping when their schedule is largely determined by somebody else, and 3) what tools I use for blogging. At the end of the episode I’ll let you know a few of the other questions I’m going to be answering in the next Q & A so keep your ears open for that. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[0:56] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #90.

[2:00] What’s going on with the format of the show?

[6:11] Question #1 from Jennifer - What are some creative ways to use the results from your productivity heat map?

[7:59] Think about the 4 different types of blocks you might have throughout your day - Creative, Social or Service, Admin, and Recovery.

[9:05] What’s the schedule sorting game and when should you play it? 

[10:35] Basically, you plan your day based upon the different blocks & you use those blocks very seriously.

[16:30] Question #2 from Laura - How does Charlie suggest to approach heat mapping when your schedule is largely determined by somebody else?

[18:32] Charlie's first tip is to un-schedule a day from your schedule.

[20:22] Charlie’s second tip is to separate what’s on your schedule with how you actually feel.

[22:25] Bottom line on what to do when you don’t have autonomy over your schedule? Listen in for the communication piece you can steal and use with your workplace.

[25:23] Question #3 from Patricia - What tools does Charlie use for blogging?

[26:22] Writing tools: TextMate or Lightroom, then copied them into WordPress.

[28:17] Charlie uses an Idea Garden to capture blog post ideas.

[29:05] Another tool is the Blog Post Calendar which you can download for free.

[30:04] Charlie uses Jetpack by WordPress and Google Analytics to keep track of stats.

[31:21] Charlie catalogs posts mostly by memory.

[32:05] Social media tools: The native platforms like Twitter, Facebook, then Buffer and now Edgar. 

[33:25] What about refreshing and recycling social media content?

[37:36] A recap of the tools: Google Docs, Jetpack for WordPress Stats or Google Analytics, Blog Post Calendar, Edgar, and Rainmaker.

[38:11] Big thanks to Jennifer Layton, Laura Hackle and Patricia Bravo for their great questions.

[38:21] Coming up on the next Q & A: Examples of triggers & why they matter, how Charlie worked through with what needed to happen with the Live Your Legend transition, and maybe one of your questions which you can email to

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