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PlannersAfter years of struggling with the planners designed for and by office workers, I figured out that it wasn’t me that was the problem: it was the design of the planners.

Creative people approach their work differently. Most of us don’t work 8–5, and we don’t have projects that we can plan to get done during the same times each day. The limiting factor for us is not the amount of time we have available, but rather the type of time we have available.

One size does not fit all when it comes to planners. Check out the planners below to see which ones best relate to what you’re trying to do, and give them a try!

These planners all mate together well because they crystallize years of lessons learned about planning for creative people. Many people tell me that they mix-and-match them based on the work that needs to be done. That’s why work – our work – doesn’t always look the same.

If you want to do some longer-range planning and have more planner variants to boot, check out our 2015 Premium Planners.

Monthly Action Planner

Basic idea: Projecting effectiveness further into the future requires a more holistic view of your objectives.
Use when: You’re doing your monthly planning and review – this planner can be used with either the Action Planner Series or the Weekly Project Planners.
For more information: The Monthly Action Planner

Download: Monthly Action Planner - November 2014 (26)

The Action Planner Series:

Basic Idea: Once you know when you work best, why not plan your weeks and days around that information? Do more work in less time by leveraging your natural rhythms.
Use when: You’re planning your day or week.
For more information: Read the Productivity Planners User Guide (26345)

Daily Action Planner - November 2014 (18)
Weekly Action Planner - November 2014 (25)

The Weekly Project Planners

(formerly called The Freelancer Workweek)
Basic Idea: Most of our work isn’t actually based on time – it’s based on the projects and tasks that need to be done. These planners highlight projects more than time. They’re great for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people who have control of their time but also grapple with ever-expanding project lists.
Use when: You’re tired of time-based planners and want to get clarity on what needs to be done.
For more information: The Freelancer Workweek – skip down to “How to Use This Planner” if you don’t care about the design methodology.

Weekly Project Planner - November 2014 (12)
Individual Project Planner (20317)

The Blog Post Planner and Calendar

Basic Idea: Brainstorming and planning your posts ahead of time may help you have a more streamlined, consistent, and insightful blog. Your mileage may vary, but it’s worth a shot!
Use when: You want to brainstorm and plan your blog posts.
For more information: The Blog Post Planner and Calendar – skip down to “How to Use These Planners” if you don’t need to be sold on why to use them.

Blog Post Planner - November 2014 (8)
Blog Post Calendar - November 2014 (5)
Blog Planner Set - November 2014 (8)

Productivity Heatmap:

Basic idea: You are more productive at some times rather than others.
Use when: You’re trying to figure out when you’re the most productive.
For more information: How Heat-Mapping Your Productivity Can Make You More Productive

Download: Blank Daily Productivity Heatmap (60827)

The Productivity Jumpstarter

Basic Idea: Sometimes we’re running around being busy but aren’t really being productive. This aid helps you stop running in circles and start making meaningful progress on your goals.
Use when: You have no idea what you should be doing and are tired of running in circles.

Download: Productivity Jumpstarter (v.2) (53187)

Last Month’s Downloads

In case I get the next month’s planners out early or you wanted to see how many people downloaded last month’s planners.

Monthly Action Planner - October 2014 (2066)
Daily Action Planner - October 2014 (1762)
Weekly Action Planner - October 2014 (1620)
Weekly Project Planner - October 2014 (1170)
Blog Post Planner - October 2014 (456)
Blog Post Calendar - October 2014 (342)
Blog Planner Set - October 2014 (407)