A Leader’s Job Is To Ensure That Their Team Gets Results

When your involvement stops with the vision and the talking part, your organization can not possibly automatically self optimize to make your strategy happen.

Strategy must have action. Strategy without action is just nice, big-sounding words about things you hope will come true. And action does not happen without executive involvement. Period.

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Manage End-of-Year Stress with the Divide and Conquer Method

If you’re feeling stressed by end-of-the year deadlines at work and holiday madness at home, try using guest contributor Chris Ronzio’s strategic divide and conquer method to keep you organized, productive, efficient, and less stressed.

Chris reveals three tips on how to divide your work and four tips on how to conquer effectively.

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Inaction Stymies Excellence

“Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and standard setting.” – via Seth’s Blog: “This will blow over”.

I love that Seth brings up inaction as much as action. Those times when we, as leaders, fail to say something to support others sets a new standard for what’s acceptable. Those times when we, as leaders, fail to plan and prioritize sets a new standard for how our teams perform.

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How to Make Your Best Work

Feeling stuck on a creative project? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pressure you’re facing to create and produce your best work on a consistent basis.

Today’s guest contributor Cory Huff shares his best resources, tips, and inspiration for what it takes to consistently produce, create, and ship your best work.

The key is to let go of what you think it takes to make your best work in the first place.

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The Creative Giant Show is Live

At long last, I’m happy to share that our podcast, the Creative Giant Show, is now live and we’ll be releasing weekly podcasts for the foreseeable future.

It’s been a long road to get the Show going. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since 2010 – before podcasting was a Thing – and we started doing recordings last year. I’ll save the full saga about why it’s taken so long for another day.

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How the Innocent Misuse of Intuition Can Prevent Profitable Engagement with Your Customers

Every conversation is an opportunity to connect with and understand another human being. The ability to listen with nothing on our minds determines our ability to realize this opportunity. At every moment, we either encounter the other person or encounter our preconceptions. Which we choose determines both the profitability and the meaningfulness of our endeavors.

Listening to clients and customers is the basis not only for effective marketing and selling, but also for sustaining motivation, engagement, and satisfaction in your work. This post takes a look at how the innocent misuse of intuition may be sabotaging your ability to listen wholeheartedly and well.’

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