Episode 36: Write Your Own Future with Ali Luke

Highlights of This Episode: How Ali was able to make a living writing blog posts for various sites Why she found writing fiction to be “ten times harder” than blogging or writing her Dummies book What one of the biggest challenges of motherhood is for Ali What she finds particularly difficult about juggling parenthood and […]

The Two Dimensions of Business Focus

Entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners are often advised to focus their businesses, but that usually comes down to being told to focus on a niche. There are at least two dimensions of business focus a business can have, though: niche and solution set. And a business can have a wide or narrow focus on each […]

We’re Always Starting Over

Starting over on a project or commitment always seems daunting. I was thinking about this as I was handling the Ugh! of starting to publish again after getting back from a week-long trip in support of a friend’s vision quest and I was completely unplugged for almost the whole time. By completely unplugged, I mean […]

Episode 34: Living a Full-Color Life with Melissa Dinwiddie

Highlights of This Episode: How Melissa finally realized that she could live the life she wanted How Melissa defines “living a full-color life” Why she feels like she’s reaching into a black hole at the beginning of any creative project Why repeatedly telling young people how smart and talented they are might be doing them […]

Make the Best of How You Collide Into Others

As the light was turning yellow, the car in front of us went through the still-green light and was T-boned by another car going full speed through the intersection. The T-boned car went careening into a breakaway sign across the intersection, whereas the other car spun 180 degrees and stayed in the intersection. Glass, bumpers, […]

Episode 32: A Life of Storytelling with Mary Trunk

Highlights of This Episode: What Mary considers the most important element of her choreography and films How Mary approaches both her choreography and her documentaries What Mary learned from the process of making Lost in Living How she stuck with a seven-year film project – and how she knew it was time to end the […]