Episode 40: Your Work Is a Gift with James Victore

Highlights of This Episode: What two things made James realize that he needed to embrace his own style of art Why he says the design field either “attracts low self-esteem” or creates it Why “we’re all sitting around waiting for permission to be great” What he means when he says “your work is a gift” […]

Episode 39: Be True to Yourself with Natalie Sisson

Highlights of This Episode: How Natalie got started in entrepreneurship — and why she didn’t start earlier Why “every single piece” of starting Suitcase Entrepreneur was a challenge despite Natalie’s marketing experience How she knew she was on the right track What Natalie learned that she wishes someone had told her before she started Why […]

Episode 37: Do What You Can, When You Can with Carla Birnberg

Highlights of This Episode: Why Carla started blogging about fitness What she liked better about blogging, compared to writing for more traditional forms of media What she worried about when she changed her brand name How Carla and her co-author used Google Docs to write their book Why the collaborative writing process was “the most […]

Episode 36: Write Your Own Future with Ali Luke

Highlights of This Episode: How Ali was able to make a living writing blog posts for various sites Why she found writing fiction to be “ten times harder” than blogging or writing her Dummies book What one of the biggest challenges of motherhood is for Ali What she finds particularly difficult about juggling parenthood and […]

The Two Dimensions of Business Focus

Entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners are often advised to focus their businesses, but that usually comes down to being told to focus on a niche. There are at least two dimensions of business focus a business can have, though: niche and solution set. And a business can have a wide or narrow focus on each […]