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#ThanksCovid (Episode 226)

#ThanksCovid (Episode 226)

Angela is back on the podcast today! Charlie and Angela sit down to talk about some of the big growth edges they’ve had this year, especially in this crazy year that none of us expected. They talk about some of the changes for Productive Flourishing, as well as the personal changes they’ve discovered and embraced. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:30] - Much of this year has been defined by how quickly things can change. There are business changes on the horizon for Productive Flourishing, and the time of Covid has actually provided unexpected opportunities, projects, and growth for the business.

[5:50] - 2020 has been a year of personal transformation for Angela that she could never have imagined. One of the biggest growth edges has been giving herself permission to stand in the light, especially in terms of being seen and heard as a leader. 

[7:15] - Another growth edge has also been self-acceptance, and embracing the messy emotions and feelings that are necessary for a full spectrum life. This self-acceptance has happened because of the writing she has been doing with the Anchor project. 

[9:27] - As Angela’s growth edge took off with the Anchor, Charlie had his own growth edge in taking a step back and allowing her to lead in this capacity. He has been learning a new balance between leaving space for emotions and keeping things moving forward. 

[14:55] - When one partner is shedding and growing around an area in life, both partners have work to do. Now Angela and Charlie are working on how they move forward without one of them having to feel uncomfortable. 

[16:30] - Another growth edge has been pulling back some of the many, many hats that Charlie wears as the Founder and main creator of Productive Flourishing. Productive Flourishing has shifted back into start-up mode, and has revealed a lot of what Charlie is doing, and what he can delegate. 

[21:30] - Moving forward despite fear has been another growth edge this year. Becoming more comfortable with uncertainty and with not knowing has been important for both Charlie and Angela this year. It’s okay to not have all the answers right now.

[27:30] - Angela talks about another growth edge around receiving and accepting feedback from others. 

[32:00] - One of Charlie’s major growth points was around physical health. They talk about their gym project, and switching the mindset of the old way of working out to how they have adapted during COVID. 

[38:27] - Angela talks about having to embrace the two parts of herself in a way she hasn’t been able to do consistently before - Academic/Achiever Angela and Goddess/Heart Angela. She is doing the work to embrace and allow both of these aspects of who she is.

[42:18] - What happens when we can integrate these two parts of ourselves? Loving and trusting these different aspects is what allows us to shine brighter. 

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