Monthly Momentum Calls are now Monthly Community Coaching Calls

During our migration of Productive Flourishing to Substack (October 2023) we changed our community-favorite Monthly Momentum Calls to Monthly Community Coaching Calls, and included them in our paid PF subscription.

For those of you new to Productive Flourishing, here’s a primer:

On the second Monday of each month, Angela and I host a 75-minute community call that’s a mix of teaching, hot- support-seat coaching, and Q&A. The topics depend entirely on what you bring to us in a particular month, either live on the call or when you submit questions to us in the comments below.

This is a great chance for you to have your burning questions answered, or to get some focused support on a project or problem facing you in your work, business, or life.

Sample 1: Applying Keystone Habits in Transition Periods


Sample 2: “How do you fit a lifestyle change in with all the other projects you are juggling?”


The Monthly Community Coaching Calls are part of a paid subscription to Productive Flourishing.

If you’re not a paid subscriber yet, I encourage you to upgrade your subscription and join us for the next one.