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Productive Flourishing
Lisa Nicole Bell: How Creativity and Curiosity Can Fuel Success (Episode 246)

Lisa Nicole Bell: How Creativity and Curiosity Can Fuel Success (Episode 246)

Key Takeaways:

[4:54] Lisa would consider herself mentally ambidextrous. She likes structure and hard problems but also enjoys free thinking. Both these qualities help her as a storyteller and entrepreneur.

[5:04] Lisa talks about deciding that she wanted more out of early retirement than sitting and eating pancakes all day!

[8:36] As a polymath, you can both be multidisciplinary and singularly focused.

[12:44] Sometimes people put themselves in a prison of their own making. Lisa talks about how we can lean into creativity and fun rather than being stuck feeling like we have to do one thing.

[13:21] When we start thinking about making decisions that affect our evolution, we tie in three factors that make them super hard and high-stakes: we make a decision, it is non-reversible, and it seems like it’s non-recoverable.

[15:02] Sometimes we think that we are failing, when we're really in the middle of succeeding, but the only way you know that is to know that you are trying a new thing and experimenting.

[27:00] Lisa discusses how her definition of success was flawed and how she was basing success on outcome rather than creating a process that really reflected where her money and time were going, and if this matched her values.

[38:26] Lifestyle changes can take time.

[1:04:29] It’s often what we are ashamed of and embarrassed about that can lead us to really get what we want.

[1:08:03] Lisa’s challenge to you: make yourself a “to don’t” list.

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