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Jadah Sellner: Build Your Life With L.O.V.E. (Episode 249)

Jadah Sellner: Build Your Life With L.O.V.E. (Episode 249)

Can magic strike twice? As we learn in this episode, it most certainly can. Charlie welcomes Jadah Sellner, best-selling author, business coach, and the host of the Lead with Love podcast. Jadah shares wisdom from her own experience of going from the “green smoothie girl” to an anti-hustle and pro-sustainable leadership business coach. Jadah talks more about her #shebuilds movement, which helps founders build sustainable businesses without burnout, some tips on moving forward when you feel like you’ve outgrown your current situation, and how we can apply anti-hustle productivity in our personal and professional lives. Jadah and Charlie talk about their creative process of book writing, moving from fear to love, and how we can define our “enough” to move through the world more intentionally.

Key Takeaways:

[3:41] Jadah talks about co-founding Simple Green Smoothies with her then-business partner Jen, and the interesting journey to have the conscious uncoupling not only with a business partner but with an identity of a body of work that she built.

[5:20] Can magic strike twice? The answer is yes.

[5:58] What should you do when you feel stuck in a pattern, yet your heart and soul call you in a new direction?

[10:08] Sometimes we need separation to rebuild on our own and find our way.

[10:52] Jadah shares a few people and situations that helped her create her own skill set and tools to pull from in her current life.

[11:13] How is She Builds different from anything Jadah has done before?

[12:17] Pay attention to where your natural curiosity and interest lie.

[14:31] Jadah is an immersive creator, and she talks about giving herself the space to process and creatively cocoon while she is going through the process of creative writing and output.

[17:41] Things flow much more easily when we embrace the fact that each project brings a new creative process.

[23:15] The core message behind She Builds is that hustle culture isn’t working for women.

[32:51] Sometimes advocating for yourself also means having to push back deadlines and be honest with yourself and others that things may not happen on the exact day you plan for them to happen.

[38:55] How can we move from fear to love? Jadah breaks down her definition of “L.O.V.E.”: lead, optimize, visualize, and expand.

[41:23] In a world where your to-do list can be a bottomless mimosa, it’s important to have an intentional and practical relationship with your to-do list.

[48:47] Jadah’s growth edge now is being in a creative process with her book.

[50:43] Jadah’s challenge: define your “enough” number. It is personal for everyone and can help move you out of hustle culture.

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