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Fierce Love in Action (Episode 229)

Fierce Love in Action (Episode 229)

In this episode, Charlie and Angela talk about managing the business in the midst of also having to take care of family. Currently in Arkansas to help take care of both sets of parents, they talk about how we sometimes have to shift our priorities for different seasons of life, and how to utilize skills sets across all facets of our lives, especially to help the communities and people that matter most to us.

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] - In the midst of COVID-19, as well as a rapidly growing and changing business, Charlie and Angela chose to travel to Arkansas to help take care of family. When Angela knew she needed to be there with her parents, they made the decision to come together because Charlie’s dad is also struggling with serious health issues.

[8:10] - Charlie and Angela talk about the different motivations behind their decisions, and how it created the scenario for both of them to go together so they could serve as an anchor for each other, not just personally but also navigating the business from a new place.

[11:01] - One of their biggest challenges with this transition is navigating and negotiating how they are going to show up to the business and for their families each day, and defining what their general level of success looks like day to day. One of their greatest joint values is priorities, and it’s necessary for those to look a little different in their current situation.

[15:50] - Angela talks about some of the lessons she’s learned from her team’s support during this time. They work hard in their business to provide a supportive environment for their teams, and now that is being reciprocated while Charlie and Angela are in a different place (literally and figuratively). 

[20:00] - Being back in Arkansas has also allowed both Charlie and Angela to reflect on what it was like for them growing up in Ft. Smith and what has (and hasn’t) changed. They talk about the disparity in life outcomes, even within their own families, as well as how the medical system contributes to this disparity not only in Arkansas but across the country.

[29:50] - Advocacy has been incredibly important even from the beginning of their relationship, and especially now, as they are navigating something new. Entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners often fall into the trap of applying their current mindset and worldview back against where they started. It’s going to be different; the important thing is to apply the tools and skills that you learned from your business to healthy advocacy for yourself and others.

[39:35] - Being back home has been an important reminder to listen - really hear what they are saying and help them get their needs fulfilled. This is incredibly true for any type of provider.

[43:15] - It’s easy to lose your “superpowers” when you’re around your family, and let boundaries crumble. To avoid this, apply your GATES (genius, affinities, talents, expertise, strengths) to be of service to your family and your people. It can be a tricky balance to apply these skills, but asking for permission grants the other person the autonomy to accept help. Get alignment on how you can be a part of where they want to go. 

[52:15] - When life comes in and competing priorities happen, how do you shift what success looks like to be in harmony with the other things that are important in your life? Remember that you are the one who calibrates your priorities. 

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