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David Wood: Name It, Claim It, Tame It (Episode 231)

David Wood: Name It, Claim It, Tame It (Episode 231)

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] - The elephant is not the only creature in the room. The idea behind naming the mouse in the room is that sometimes you have to acknowledge the more subtle things in the room - they’re not always as big as an elephant. When we don’t name our mice, we’re more disconnected from our souls and from others.

[8:40] - Charlie talks about the model of “name it, claim it, tame it.” We often can name our feelings, but until we claim them as true, we can’t do anything to tame them, to be able to live and work with them. Emotion drives action, and when we claim those emotions it’s easier to relate to the world through our stories. 

[12:51] - Naming mice is a doorway to deeper connection, more confidence, and stronger leadership. Having these conversations gives us the opportunity to be more deeply connected  to what’s actually happening.

[16:05] - David selected a mouse to represent this idea because it already relates to a saying and concept we have in society, and its size represents the little moments that happen in between the big things in our lives. 

[19:55] - At its heart, David’s book is about awareness. Once we become aware of these feelings or moments, then we get the opportunity to name it, welcome it, and acknowledge that it is okay. This acknowledgement is where transformation can begin. 

[26:05] - Charles talks about some of the different reactions we feel when we name our mice. In some cultures there is a tendency to take immediate action, but we have the freedom to sit with what we’ve named and just allow it to be. 

[31:15] - The same goes for our interactions with others when they name their mice. Authentic relating is about just being with someone to explore what it’s like to feel what they are feeling. As we each relate to the world through our stories, we have the opportunity to weave a common reality. 

[38:05] - How much of the range of human experience do we not allow ourselves to experience because we’re afraid to name the mice or share our vulnerabilities? If we don’t acknowledge our emotions, it is hard to move through them and transform them. 

[43:56] - David’s call to action for listeners is to visit the Kickstarter page, join the campaign, and share the movement. The more people we get naming mice, the more we can begin to transform the world. 

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