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Productive Flourishing
128: Q&A #8: Creative Energy Flow, Taking Action on Your Great Ideas, and Healthy Money Conversations

128: Q&A #8: Creative Energy Flow, Taking Action on Your Great Ideas, and Healthy Money Conversations

Angela joins Charlie as he tackles three questions revolving around how to take action on a good idea without it being overwhelming, how to discuss goals and finances with your business team without it being awkward, and which of the Productive Flourishing planners to use to get to your creative energy flowing.

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] - Alison wants to know how to get out of planning and research and into production. How can we get more connectivity between opt-ins, low- and mid-tier offerings, and service offerings?

[2:00] - Ideally you would use a full customer journey map. Charlie suggests looking at those ideas in a four-part funnel: free stuff at the top, then low cost items, your medium tier, and then your high tier. In addition, he talks about what sorts of things typically fall into each category, and how those can anchor the funnel and enhance the customer journey.

[6:56] - Charlie proposes that perhaps as experts, some of the tension comes from our quest to be very specific or cutting edge, but we must remember that our customers may come to us with basic questions. How do you take the conventional stuff you need to cover and make it really relevant and useful for your audience?

[8:29] - Jen from the Campfire wants to know: What suggestions does Charlie have on if/how to discuss the financial side of a business with a small team, especially when it comes to revenue and bonuses? Scenario planning can be very beneficial in imagining/planning what you would do for your financials, operations, goals, and strategies (FOGS).

[10:55] - Charlie talks about “open book management” and the spectrum of different ways you can discuss your finances with your whole team. You can share revenue goals without getting too specific about the breakdown.

[14:08] - Too often founders and owners stress too much about the pay factor, and it is good to remember that part of the relationship does involve a good work environment, the culture, the mission, and the projects. The work there should be a benefit.

[16:30] - A creative giant wants to know: Do you have any suggestions on which of your tools or planners I could start with that could help me harness my creative pull and get back in the game? Charlie recommends their “Productivity Jump Starter” and “Action Item Catcher.”

[18:18] - Once you get rolling, he suggests either the “Weekly Momentum Planner” or the “Monthly Momentum Planner.” Each has its benefits depending on where you are with your projects.

[20:21] - Many planning tools assume you’re going to be in the same frame of mind each time you sit down to plan. The different planners may provide different tools to fit where you might be.

[22:58] - The trend across all three of these questions is grouping like things together first, then specifically deciding what to do with each, so you can organize your next step.

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