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Productive Flourishing
108: How to Align Your Goals and Projects with Your Seasonal Energy

108: How to Align Your Goals and Projects with Your Seasonal Energy

Angela joins me on today’s episode to learn how to align your goals and projects with your seasonal energy. This is a bit of a follow up from episode 102 with Megan Roop, based on questions readers have been asking us. But, it’s also prompted by the transition from summer to fall that we’re currently in, here in the Northern hemisphere. Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] SaneBox will save you hours of time, and bring you peace of mind. Try it out with the link below!

[01:55] Charlie welcomes Angela to the show and introduces some fresh approaches being considered for the podcast.

[03:35] As we approach October, Charlie and Angela’s energies tend to shift. Today they address some relevant questions on how that looks to them and ways to acknowledge those changes.

[08:05] It’s key to make note of energy shifts within a team, as each member adds another variable to the energy dynamic. Talk to your team about it!

[08:45] Institutions and cultures have based schedules around these energy cycles for a long time, and for good reason.

[10:30] Creative Giant listener, Laura, asks Charlie to expand on the idea of living with the seasons as discussed on Episode 102 with Megan Roop.

[17:09] Angela notes that late August and early October is a great time to leverage Charlie’s higher energy and have him work more with the team.

[18:20] It’s important to consider our monthly cycles, including open conversations about women’s menstrual cycles, as well as recognizing the moon cycle’s impact on us.

[25:25] We tend to approach the way that we plan and make commitments as if we were robots — as if in a slice of time in the future we’re going to feel a certain way.

[28:45] For those way down on the “woo” spectrum, Charlie cuts the horsesh!t and gets down to the science!

[30:25] Nadia from the campfire sessions asks how Charlie and Angela personally prioritize activities, and especially schedule time for restorative activities. 

[38:57] Angela touches on how she prepares for anniversaries of significant events that come about at certain times of the year.

[43:20] If this conversation is interesting to you, please let Charlie and Angela know and they’ll jam another session on our “seasons of life”.

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Productive Flourishing
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