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102: The Nourishing Nature of Being in Nature with Megan Roop

102: The Nourishing Nature of Being in Nature with Megan Roop

Megan Roop joins Charlie today to talk about how quiet adventures helped her find herself battling the pursuit of being perfect. Along the way, she’s woven her experience with the Peace Corps, selling outdoor equipment, teaching yoga, and helping people overcome eating disorders, into a unique body of work. Listen in as we discuss the nourishing nature of being in nature, and how honoring the seasons helps you honor your changing nature.

Key Takeaways:

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02:00 Who is Megan Roop and what is Quiet Adventures?

02:55 Megan shares her path to starting the company, and how she came to reconcile seemingly disparate ideas of finance and personal growth into a culmination of activities  that work for a greater good.

09:29 For many years, Megan devoted her energy to achieving “perfection” as a woman, that led to struggling with an eating disorder and eventual burnout. She shares how that weaves into her current endeavors.

11:11 When did Megan recognize the socialization of women was truly impacting her personally?

13:56 Just because society tells us there’s a way to be living life doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you. Charlie and Megan elaborate.

16:05 What are some of the ways Megan has worked with women getting clear on what they’re willing to accept, and what they need to build a boundary around?

20:00 When women strip away the nonessentials, and get to the core of who the are, they start to see they do have gifts and they have a lot to give.

21:00 What tends to happen when out in nature that helps women connect with themselves? How does connecting to the seasons help one seeing the changing nature in life?

24:15 Women and creatives have internal seasonal changes frequently, and embracing that can make life easier to navigate.

27:36 What are some of the small ways people can be more intentional about their connection to nature?

30:04 Charlie opens a dialogue on the intersection of community and nature.

31:30 The Upside of Your Darkside suggests we have a comfort addiction. Do humans deeply bond over comfort as they do in times of struggle?

34:28 Megan shares a story of a moment when she realized she was in the right place, doing the right thing.

37:30 Contrastly, Charlie asks for a negative, pivotal moment on Megan’s journey.

39:20 What is Megan’s most unanticipated challenge currently?

41:00 What is the big takeaway Megan wants people to remember?

42:00 For more great info on connecting with nature, check out Episode #80 Reclaiming Wild Men with Jonathan Mead and #15 with Cultivating Creativity During Motherhood with Lucy Pearce

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