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Productive Flourishing
100: Andrea J. Lee Interviews Charlie Gilkey

100: Andrea J. Lee Interviews Charlie Gilkey

The tables are turned in this episode, as Andrea J. Lee puts me in the spotlight. The questionnaire becomes the questioned. This one is coming right after I started sharing more of my thoughts on race, identity, equality and justice. So, a good bit of the conversation focuses on how we might show up as our full selves in our work. If you find yourself at a loss for how to engage with the world, while still doing your work, you might find some useful ideas in here. And yes, it’s really weird to create the intro for your own interview - I’m just saying, we live in interesting times! Ready? Let’s do this!

Key Takeaways:

[1:03] Thank you to for sponsoring episode #100.

[2:06] Charlie introduces Andrea J. Lee, who interviews him on this episode.

[3:01] Andrea joined us on episode #91, which resulted in her volunteering to this reverse podcast interview.

[4:24] What does it mean to be A Creative Giant, in the times we are in?

[7:59] Charlie shares his internal processes and the idea of creative constipation.

[10:36] The external and internal outcomes of the discourse Charlie is creating around social change.

[15:31] Charlie’s social media responses indicate he has touched a nerve on how to have discourse.

[16:26] How lack of dialogue gets us in no-win positions.

[19:32] The discourse about discourse is one of the most opaque things we have. How is Charlie’s background as a soldier influencing his approach?

[23:47] There are the harms we cause by doing things, and there are the harms we cause by not doing things.

[27:16] The fundamental and weird aspects of Humanity. 

[29:23] Getting stuck in epic goals.

[32:11] What does Charlie think about the Language Police?

[40:51] How do we expand these great ideas? How do we go ‘there’?

[46:55] How to lean into gathering, rather than isolating; and how to flourish in creative partnerships.

[52:55] Charlie’s final thoughts on this episode’s topic!

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Productive Flourishing
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