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Productive Flourishing has been around since 2007 and has over 1,500 free blog posts, podcast episodes, and scores of worksheets, planners, and resources to help you do your best work and thrive.

So much of my work is available at no charge because I want to co-create a world where abundance, generosity, interdependence, purpose, and love of craft are center points.

Creating this body of work and supporting the community takes a significant portion of my time, energy, and attention. While those resources are valuable on their own, I also pay a team to support the work, too.

Our paid subscribers help me and my team focus on the work here. Instead of having to depend on publishers, advertisers, sponsors, and other activities to fund the work we want to create for you, our paid subscribers allow us to create with and for you directly.

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p.s. If supporting Black creators and veterans is important to you, becoming a paid subscriber is a way to do so. I’m both.

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  • Access to more planners, worksheets, and e-courses. What’s available on the Free Planners page is the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

  • Bonus posts and podcasts.

  • Monthly-ish mini-classes that help you be more productive, purposeful, and holistically healthier. I’ll aim to keep these bite-sized — think a <10m teaching video, a worksheet, and practice exercises — that you can complete during a focus block.

  • Monthly community coaching calls. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that one of my wheelhouse + joy skills is hot-seat support-seat coaching and Q&As. These replace what used to be our Monthly Momentum Calls.

  • Quarterly planning sessions (for “Pro” level subscribers). Yes, you know that planning out the quarter would be a good thing to do. Making time to do it and figuring out how to do it are Things for most people. Stop struggling and meaning to get to it and join us once a quarter while we lead people through it.