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Ruby Vesely & Eric Spencer: Why We Need Connection in the Workplace (Episode 252)
Ruby Vesely & Eric Spencer: Why We Need Connection in the Workplace (Episode 252)

Key Takeaways:

[2:57] Ruby and Eric discuss some of the unique delights and challenges of being part of a writing trio.

[7:45] What is the bridge between this book and Morag’s book Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationship?

[8:05] What are the intentional choices you can make to build ally relationships?

[12:44] Ruby and Eric break down the five components of an ally mindset:

  • abundance and generosity

  • connection and compassion

  • courage and vulnerability

  • candor and debate

  • action and accountability

[13:23] In order to get more allies, you have to be one yourself.

[25:43] How can we start with small ripples of joy in our own lives and have that branch out to help others?

[28:12] Are two-hour staff meetings really necessary? And if so, how do we make them more efficient and profitable for everyone involved?

[34:13] If you’ve invested in your relationship, it’s going to withstand weird moments. In the meantime, what should we do when a sideways moment occurs?

[59:54] Challenge: lean into having the hard conversations. Keeping your head down isn’t going to change a damn thing. And, check out the Ally Mindset Profile to give you some insights into what comes naturally to you, as it relates to the five practices.


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