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Ruby Vesely & Eric Spencer: Why We Need Connection in the Workplace (Episode 252)

Ruby Vesely & Eric Spencer: Why We Need Connection in the Workplace (Episode 252)


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Topics We Explored:

  • Ruby Vesely and Eric Spencer, two of the co-authors of You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (And How to Show Up As One!), weigh in on how we can form meaningful connections in the workplace, and why it’s so crucial to our well-being. But before we get too comfortable though, an important takeaway: to have allies, you’ve got to be one yourself.

  • Every job requires building relationships with the people on our teams. Charlie asks Ruby and Eric what it was like to work as a trio on their book, with co-author Morag Barrett — and how to gauge if you are showing up as a best friend and ally in your workplace.

  • Together they discuss what creates meaningful relationships and what intentional choices you can make to be an ally, by building on these five components: 1) abundance and generosity, 2) connection and compassion, 3) courage and vulnerability, 4) candor and debate, and 5) action and accountability.

  • Eric and Ruby’s challenge: We tend to underestimate the importance of relationships at work, so let’s start giving them their proper place… But while doing that, lean into the hard conversations. If you’re curious how you personally can be a better ally, try out the Ally Mindset Profile Quiz (see below).

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Ruby Vesely and Eric Spencer:

Ruby does work that shapes exceptional organizational culture, builds amazing teams, and ultimately makes life lighter at work. She is a savvy leadership development expert, sought-after executive coach, keynote speaker, and HR consultant with more than twenty years’ experience in a variety of industries and organizations.

Eric is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SkyeTeam, where he helps companies, organizations, teams, and individuals improve their leadership and management skills. He’s a coach, a keynote speaker, an author, and a podcast host. His passion is for building sustainable and successful organizations through the development of the high potential leaders and employees.

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Episode Timestamps

[2:57] Ruby and Eric discuss some of the unique delights and challenges of being part of a writing trio.

[7:45] What is the bridge between this book and Morag’s book Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationship?

[8:05] What are the intentional choices you can make to build ally relationships?

[12:44] Ruby and Eric break down the five components of an ally mindset:

  • abundance and generosity

  • connection and compassion

  • courage and vulnerability

  • candor and debate

  • action and accountability

[13:23] In order to get more allies, you have to be one yourself.

[25:43] How can we start with small ripples of joy in our own lives and have that branch out to help others?

[28:12] Are two-hour staff meetings really necessary? And if so, how do we make them more efficient and profitable for everyone involved?

[34:13] If you’ve invested in your relationship, it’s going to withstand weird moments. In the meantime, what should we do when a sideways moment occurs?

[59:54] Challenge: lean into having the hard conversations. Keeping your head down isn’t going to change a damn thing. And, check out the Ally Mindset Profile to give you some insights into what comes naturally to you, as it relates to the five practices.

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