Productivity Coaching

Tired of what matters most perennially getting away from you?

Or are you so over “the hustle-harder, be all-in, grind-till-you-die” mindset and techniques that are all over the interwebs and yet still know there’s more in you than you’re channeling in your life and work?

Us, too.

Let’s be real: efficiency ≠ effectiveness

It’s not about getting MORE done but getting to more of the work that matters to you — what we call best work. Productivity should be a means to living a thriving, flourishing life. A means to an end, not the end itself. 

Productive Flourishing was born from that very vision — productive modifies flourishing. 

Productivity Coaching at Productive Flourishing is far more than basic time management. It’s not following some rigid system focused more on checking a box than checking in with you. Since full-spectrum thriving is our end goal, that’s where we start.

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What you’ll experience

By working with a Productivity Coach1, you’ll:

  1. remove the internal and external barriers keeping you from doing what matters most.

  2. cultivate better boundaries, courage, and discipline.

  3. build and use a success pack to support you when times are hard, and, even better, when things are great.

  4. start working from your strengths and zones of genius.

  5. learn goal-setting, planning, and implementation techniques that work for you.

While we can’t promise that you’ll accomplish the goals we start with, we can promise that you’ll be significantly closer to thriving in the way that’s unique to you. As you work with a Productivity Coach, you’ll inevitably be able to do more of the work that calls to you and take on bigger projects. Your coach will level up with you and likely introduce new tools and frameworks to keep you going and growing.

Getting started

Productivity Coaching costs $1,200 for a package of 4 sessions, or $3k for 12 sessions.

Most clients find that weekly sessions are the best place to start, but you and your coach will co-create a cadence that most supports you. You'll start with a no-cost, no-obligations discovery session so you and your coach can determine if you’re both a fit for each other.

Ready to get started? Use the form below to let us know you’re interested and we’ll start scheduling your discovery session today.

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What our clients say

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