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Pam Slim: The Ecosystem Model of Business (Episode 235)

Pam Slim: The Ecosystem Model of Business (Episode 235)

Topics We Explored:

  • The importance of building up a network of relationships, and how Pam cultivates hers

  • Why marketing is so important, especially within an ecosystem model

  • The distinction between relational connections and transactional connections

  • How you can build a beacon for your work, using what you do, your perspective, and your unique approach

“For that which you do, it is your responsibility to be really clear: This is my point of view. This is my specific perspective on solving this problem. And you want to have a really carefully chosen communication vehicle for doing that.” – Pam Slim (Tweet this.)

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About Pam Slim:

Pamela Slim is an author, community builder, consultant, and former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. She focused her first decade in business on creating and delivering training programs for large companies such as HP, Charles Schwab, 3Com, Chevron, and Cisco Systems.

Pam is best known for her book Escape from Cubicle Nation (named Best Small Business and Entrepreneur book of 2009 from 800 CEO Read) along with her follow-up book Body of Work. Both were published by Penguin/Portfolio. Her book The Widest Net was published by McGraw Hill in November 2021.

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Episode Timestamps

[2:07] An arc connects all three of Pam's books — Escape from Cubicle Nation, Body of Work, and Widest Net. She explains the trajectory of the reader going through all three books.

[4:51] Pam has experienced several different configurations of working since her first book. She shares more about her journey with work, and how she has built up her network of relationships.

[8:18] In her book, The Widest Net, Pam talks about some of the other elements of marketing that are more relatable and inclusive. At its foundation, The Widest Net is focused on shifting the paradigm from “building an empire” to “building an ecosystem.”

[13:51] A lot of marketing already happens within an ecosystem model.

[16:33] Whether you’re going deep in cultivating relationships or broad in reaching out to a large audience, you still have to do marketing, and you still have to do the work.

[18:22] There is a distinction between relational connections and transactional connections.

[21:21] As an expert within your field, you need to have a beacon. It is your responsibility to be really clear about what you do, your perspective, and your unique approach.

[23:32] Many of us want to showcase all of our talents and interests, and illustrate that we have range. However, this can be problematic from a business perspective. Pam and Charlie discuss how to build a better beacon for our work.

[28:33] You don’t have to let go of all your passions, interests, and different revenue streams in your business. It’s all about what you're shining the light on.

[30:26] When our beacons are too diffuse, it makes it hard for people to refer us to others.

[31:00] Partnerships are an essential part of building success in the ecosystem model. Pam explains how having “peanut butter and jelly” partners and brand partnerships can be useful.

[36:31] How can we start positioning ourselves to get into the flow of building partnerships? It can be difficult, especially for underestimated or overlooked founders.

[41:51] Pam shares some of the things she has learned about her own business and journey in writing The Widest Net.

[49:34] Pam invites listeners to identify partners to help them market their business. The first place to start is with your favorite clients, customers, and people you work with.

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