October 2023 Community Coaching Call

Thanks to everyone who joined the October Momentum Call.

This time we spoke about reflection​, growing our awareness, and where and how we want to spend our time, energy, and attention moving into the last quarter of the year​. October means we're soon arriving at the limits and release of the November and December holidays.

Functionally Quarter 4 is only 6 weeks of focused energy before the holiday slip n' slide starts. What we commit to now may well be what we’ll be finishing in December, when we'd rather be sitting under a blanket by a crackling fire. That's a good thought to keep in mind as we set our goals and plans.

Here's what we covered:

  • Productivity is not only about output but about the energy and inspiration we can take in when we step back from constant grinding. Giving yourself quiet can itself be a strategy. ​Stepping back might allow you the opportunity

    you wouldn’t be able to have if you weren’t constantly pushing forward.

  • Being realistic about the timeframe we’re dealing with for our projects may have to mean letting go of projects you had really wanted to get done this year.

  • We can focus on putting our all into the projects we can reasonably do with the six weeks we have on our hands AND ​celebrate what we have accomplished. We’ve probably done more than we could have even anticipated at the start of the year.

  • If we know a change in our career or life is needed and incoming, how can we best prepare? Considering leaving a role or taking a sabbatical should also entail some planning (and budgeting​) to understand how long a runway you have. And as you’re considering your options, determine if you are most needing cashflow, visibility, or opportunities during the transition.

  • Is fall a good time to build and create? No reason it can’t be, but it depends largely on your seasonal energy. The important things we do fall into create, connect, and consume buckets and we need a balance of all three. For you, this may be a fallow period requiring less doing and more connection, consuming, and perhaps collecting — do you have an ​idea garden?

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Want to continue joining us for the Monthly Community Coaching Calls?

October 2023 was our last Monthly Momentum Call. We’ve been doing them every month for over a decade. 🎉🤯

But it’s not our last monthly coaching call and Q&A.

Going forward, they’ll be called Monthly Community Coaching Calls and will be a part of the paid subscription to Productive Flourishing.

We’ve changed the name because many of the users of our app, Momentum, were confused about whether these calls were for them. Additionally, a lot of people haven’t been attending because they thought they needed to have a question about the Momentum Planning Method or our planners.

They’re no longer free to better align the thousands of dollars that we spend each month hosting and producing them and the value of the calls to many of our attendees. In reality, they never have been free - it’s come out of Charlie and Angela’s pocket to keep them going.

The calls will still happen every month (usually on the second Monday) and will still be 75-minutes long. We have some other plans to make it easier to get and listen to the recordings, too.

I hope you’ll continue to join us at the Monthly Community Coaching Calls. If not, thanks for all the conversations throughout the years and big love!