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Episode 9 - Taming Emotional Obesity with Laura Coe

Episode 9 - Taming Emotional Obesity with Laura Coe

Laura Coe is an entrepreneur, coach, and writer. She teaches her clients special spiritual techniques to help them live better emotionally stable lives. Laura co-founded Litholink Corporation, a healthcare company that helped over 350,000 patients a month nationally. When she sold Litholink to a Fortune 500 company, she decided it was time to pursue her lifelong passions and help others. She talks to Charlie today on Productive Flourishing about her new book entitled Emotional Obesity, emotional health, corporate America, and more! 

Key Takeaways:

2:10 – Laura explains how she transitioned from being a co-founder to an author on emotional health issues. 

5:40 – What is emotional obesity? Laura explains. 

8:30 – How do we know if we're emotionally obese when there is no emotional scale? 

11:50 – When Laura left corporate America she wanted to do something she loved, but she couldn't pursue it just yet because she had lost her inner voice. 

17:10 – Laura talks about some of the challenges she had when writing her book. 

22:40 – You don't need a PhD to help others or do good work. 

26:50 – What kind of exercises can we do to tame the emotional obesity? Laura shares some insight. 

30:00 – One of Laura's unanticipated challenges is starting her second business and becoming an entrepreneur again. 

32:00 – The one takeaway you need to know? Laura says just start! Step forward even when you're not ready. 

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