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Productive Flourishing
Episode 8 - Making a Healthy Profit AND a Real Difference in Business with Mark Silver

Episode 8 - Making a Healthy Profit AND a Real Difference in Business with Mark Silver

Mark is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has written 7 different programs and a number of classes for entrepreneurs. He runs a distribution business and is also a paramedic in the San Francisco Bay Area. He sits down with Charlie today to talk about doing what you love, making the money you want, and making a difference in the world. 

Key Takeaways:

2:15 – Mark talks about how he started Heart of Business. 

7:30 – You can make a profit as well as make a difference in the world. 

12:30 – Let go of perfectionism. 

18:30 – Most entrepreneurs love what they do, but many people have a hard time connecting with their customers even when they have a sales or marketing background.

24:20 – Mark talks about what excites him the most about his business. 

32:00 – Ask yourself this question, do our current methods match our principles? 

36:30 – One of Mark's unexpected challenges is expecting something to happen 'right now' with his team when it needs more time to grow.

38:00 – The one takeaway? Mark says be compassionate and gentle with yourself on your journey. 

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