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Episode 62 - 5 Ways to Make Better Plans for the New Year

Episode 62 - 5 Ways to Make Better Plans for the New Year

It's the time of year where we're thinking about setting new goals and new resolutions. On this final episode of 2015, Angela and Charlie wanted to take the time to talk about some things to think about as you’re setting intentions and new plans for the New Year. They’re excited to jump into the show. Ready? Let's do this!

Key Takeaways

[01:12] What is Angela looking forward to for next year?

[02:26] What to think about when you're creating plans for next year.

[02:33] Do a review before you plan a new.

[06:17] How did your actions for this year align with your values?

[07:00] Why is it so important for us to review before we start planning?

[09:50] How the negativity bias plays into New Year's resolutions.

[12:49] Reviewing plans allows you to see the story in a very deep way.

[13:18] Celebrate your daily & weekly progress instead of waiting for a huge ending to celebrate.

[19:20] Focusing on our mundane progress builds processes that we really enjoy.

[20:41] What you feed, grows – Make sure the things that matter to you are getting fed.

[26:19] Focus on fewer goals – Choose the things that matter most & focus more of your energy on those things.

[30:36] What to do when you get stuck and not sure what to do.

[33:19] Celebrate what you have achieved this year!

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Productive Flourishing
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