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Episode 60 - How to Make Email Work for You with Dmitri Leonov

Episode 60 - How to Make Email Work for You with Dmitri Leonov

Email has become the primary tool many of us use to communicate with others. We both love it and hate it, because like money, email can be a great servant but a terrible master. Dmitri Leonov joins Charlie Gilkey to jam about ways you can make email work for you rather than against you. Email is one of Charlie’s favorite topics to talk about and he’s ready to jump into it with Dmitri.

Key Takeaways:

[0:48] Charlie introduces his guest, Dmitri Leonov

[1:30] The current email landscape

[2:31] The real reason for email overload is communication overload

[2:44] Three factors that contribute to this

[3:38] Becoming aware of how plugged in you are to everything by changing the context

[6:55] The other thing you can do is to put your smart phone in a shoebox!

[7:36] What else is it about the current email landscape that gets us to where we are?

[9:31] Dmitri schedules an hour in his calendar called “email time”, each day

[10:09] Charlie talks about the two posts he has written about this:

  1. Difference between checking email & processing email

  2. Don’t use your inbox as a to-do-list

[11:50] Dmitri adds to this by introducing the process called “triage”

[12:31] A hack he has found very useful

[14:15] Don’t use your inbox as an archive and what to do instead

[18:52] The Five Sentences Movement is about short & concise messages

[21:45] Transactional vs. conversational email communication

[24:25] Tags within email are an amazing development

[25:58] What other best practices Dmitri suggests? The core is to triage!

[28:10] The attention switching cost

[28:33] Dmitri suggests a second best practice

[31:42] We get stuck in the technological loop & it’s infinite

[32:39] Dmitri shares other advanced Ninja moves

[38:13] His favorite hack!

[44:01] Dmitri’s one takeaway: “don’t make email your priority”

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Gmail’s “Undo Send

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