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Productive Flourishing
Episode 57 - What to Do When You Have Too Much to Do

Episode 57 - What to Do When You Have Too Much to Do

Sometimes, you commit to a few things and then life intervenes and throws a few more things on your plate, and it can sometimes get away from you. You feel like "how am I going to do all of this?", "what do I need to let go?", "how do I handle my own expectations for what I'd be able to do?" - That's what Charlie Gilkey & Angela Wheeler will chat about on this episode.

Key Takeaways:

[02:08] Charlie talks about the major products he has going on at once  

[05:03] Angela points out that each project has many other mini-projects within it

[06:27] Self-care is about being gentler with yourself, not beating yourself up

[07:24] A venn diagram analogy on ‘the work’ and ‘the story about the work’ 

[11:01] Feeling frustrated with yourself - what is it getting you? what is it doing for you?

[13:56] Angela is harder on herself than on other members of the team

[14:35] We wouldn't ride a donkey the way we ride ourselves, because it would be inhumane

[15:21] You’re not a computer nor a robot, and can't work 24-7. You're human & stuff comes up 

[16:29] How do you communicate with people when you have overcommitted and need help?

[18:00] Ego prevents us from asking for help, but not asking is the worst thing you can do 

[21:58] Asking for help can be seen as a weakness

[23:40] Asking for help may feel like it's a 'taking'

[25:50] Always ask the yea-sayers & people you trust, if they're willing to help you

[28:25] Ask for help by welcoming people to be of service to you

[28:54] You matter just as much as somebody else

[30:55] How not to get there again by giving yourself enough room for a margin

[32:50] People confuse focus and capacity

[33:19] Proactive communication with others and with yourself

[34:27] Choosing the projects that matter to you

[38:53] Deciding what's really important and what to let go of, is hard, but worth it

[39:50] Defining what you want your good life to look like - rather than what others think

[40:18] Choosing projects and priorities that matter most to you and sticking to them 

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