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Episode 55 - Planning Creates Luck with Rebecca Rescate

Episode 55 - Planning Creates Luck with Rebecca Rescate

Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur who creates problem solving consumer goods that are in the hands of over half million people around the world, and have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, multiple episodes of ABC's Shark Tank, Good Morning America and more. Rescate began her entrepreneurial career at the age of 25 in New York City. In the past decade, she has built four brands with unique creative products, including: CityKitty, HoodiePillow, Top.Down Planner, and Blankie Tails; while raising 3 children and residing in Yardley Pennsylvania with her husband. Rebecca joins Charlie to discuss one of his favorite topics: planning; and about how plans drive us toward success and happiness and also create luck. 

Key Takeaways:

02:12 – What lead Rebecca to create Top.Down Planner

03:41 – The methodology that Top.Down planning is based on

04:59 – What if we just focus on the things that are of high value to us

07:36 – The importance of incorporating values in planning

09:04 – The ‘values exercise’ in Top.Down Planners

11:11 – When your values don’t align with how you are doing business

14:06 – How not to say ‘yes’ to everything and prioritizing your values in planning

17:12 – Difference between ‘planning’ and ‘planners’ or ‘schedulers’   

21:09 – Spear-heading a re-education on planning

23:34 – Rebecca talks about Blankie Tails

25:16 – Rebecca talks about CityKitty

29:36 – Doubling down on Blankie Tails

31:53 – The 2016 version of Top.Down Planner and inventory management

33:58 – Some pros and cons of manufacturing products in the US

38:05 – Planning for and running four different businesses

41:56 – The power of planning

43:20 – From baby steps to bigger plans

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Productive Flourishing
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