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Episode 54 - The Power of Meditation with Susan Piver

Episode 54 - The Power of Meditation with Susan Piver

Susan Piver makes a reappearance on this week's episode to talk about meditation. Susan was featured on episode four of The Creative Giant Show, so be sure to check out her first interview with Charlie after you listen to this one. Susan Piver has an international reputation for being an exceptionally skillful meditation teacher and shares valuable insight on how to start a meditation practice and make it stick.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] Susan's book, Start Here Now, is out.

[5:50] What really counts as meditation?

[7:45] In meditation you don't have to stop thinking.

[10:45] Every person Susan knows thinks they're not disciplined in their practice.

[15:55] The answer is right in front of you, but we often prefer to get distracted and take shortcuts.

[18:10] Being present means letting go of what you know.

[20:00] Susan talks about her 'Aimless Wandering' practice.

[22:25] Practicing in the beginning can make you anxious, but it naturally goes away overtime.

[25:20] How long -really- is three minutes?

[28:55] There are three kinds of laziness. Susan explains.

[33:30] What does it mean to be a Buddhist?

[37:45] What can you do if you're not near a Buddhist/meditation center or community?

[41:35] Charlie talks about his own practice.

[46:25] Does meditation get easier?

[48:35] Give yourself 5-10-15 minutes to be in the present.

Mentioned In This Episode:

The Heart of Unconditional Love by Tulku Thondup

The Sacred Path of The Warrior series by  Chogyam Trungpa

Start Here Now by Susan Piver.

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