Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Episode 53 - Balancing Self Care and Showing Up
Episode 53 - Balancing Self Care and Showing Up

Angela Wheeler joins Charlie Gilkey in today's podcast episode. Charlie and Angela talk on how sometimes it's difficult to practice self-care and take care of all of your responsibilities at the same time. The two explore the subject of self-care and talk on why they're not feeling 100% at the best on the show.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Charlie and Angela weren't in the best of places today.

[3:20] Maybe we use the excuse of not feeling well to avoid responsibilities.

[4:15] Look at your schedule two weeks in the past and assume it'll be the same.

[6:30] Not looking your best is different for everybody.
[9:00] Self-care is the highest priority.

[14:00] When is that thing you're putting off going to get done?

[17:40] Don't be a victim of the 9-5 schedule.

[20:50] Are the important things showing up in your schedule?

[24:40] Remember, you can't do everything.

[28:00] Take care of yourself, your priorities, and do your best.

[29:50] What are you doing to take care of yourself and what are you doing today to build a better tomorrow?

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