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Episode 48 - Love As Your Strategic Foundation with Sarah Jones

Episode 48 - Love As Your Strategic Foundation with Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is the founder of Introverted Alpha, a place to help introverted men attract women naturally. Her work has been featured in various places including Cosmo and Business Insider and many other. Along with being a dating coach, Sarah also uses Introverted Alpha to help support the cause of ending human trafficking. She joins Charlie on the show today to discuss these topics and much more.

Key Takeaways:

01:46 – How Sarah got started doing what she does now.

04:50 – How Sarah found her niche.

08:40 – The differences in coaching men and women.

11:05 – The friend zone.

13:32 – Sarah discusses her discomfort level of coaching and talking to men about their sexuality.

16:23 – The pickup community.

20:21 – The idea of men just wanting sex.

23:49 – Whether or not Sarah has received any backlash against what she’s doing.

27:37 – Sarah learning to be a more strategic thinker in what she was doing.

34:10 – Sarah’s cause around human trafficking.

37:48 – The link between men’s sexual desire and human trafficking.

42:44 – The most unanticipated challenge Sarah is currently facing and why she thinks that’s a challenge.

48:50 – Find the things that you love about yourself and do things that will nourish that.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Business Insider

The Good Men Project


The San Francisco Chronicle

The Game, Neil Strauss


Ramit Sethi, Zero to Launch

Not For Sale

Managing for Results, Peter Drucker

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