Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Episode 47 - The Future of the Creative Giant Show with Charlie Gilkey

Episode 47 - The Future of the Creative Giant Show with Charlie Gilkey

Charlie takes a few minutes in this episode to discuss the future of the show and the direction he would like to take it.

Key Takeaways:

00:47 – “Bullets, cannonballs, and tripwires.”

01:36 – Why Charlie wanted to get to 50 episodes.

03:33 – People saying they want more of Charlie on the podcast.

04:28 – Charlie not wanting the show to be another “how-to” show.

05:00 – How to figure out the two tensions of people wanting more Charlie on the show and it not being a “how-to” show.

07:08 – The challenges of keeping the show at 30 minutes and it still being really good.

09:35 – Going forward with the show and what that looks like.

10:10 – The publishing schedule of the podcast.

12:14 – Going through and experimental phase with the show.

13:01 – Ways to help out with the show.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Great by Choice, Jim Collins

Donald Rumsfeld

Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing (formerly the Creative Giant Show) explores how to do the work that matters to become your best self in the world. Host Charlie Gilkey and occasional co-host Angela Wheeler take listeners on a deep dive into the lives of leaders, changemakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are thriving in life and business by doing work that matters. Listen in to see how they cultivate meaning, success, and happiness as well as their approach to productivity, business, health, and the challenges (yes, even the deep, dark ones) that show up in their lives.