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Episode 46 - Make Your Message Match Your Mission with Brigitte Lyons

Episode 46 - Make Your Message Match Your Mission with Brigitte Lyons

Brigitte Lyons is a media specialist who founded B, a boutique PR agency helping organizations and individuals move their ideas. She teaches entrepreneurs how to take media outreach into their own hands. Brigitte is an advocate for emerging talent, and those she has helped have gone on to get coverage from, The Huffington Post, Elle Décor,, and more. She encourages people to be relentlessly focused on what they’re doing in order to get their work out there to make an impact in the world. She joins Charlie on the show today to discuss her work and much more.

Key Takeaways:

01:28 – How Brigitte got started in the PR business.

04:32 – Is PR even relevant anymore?

07:58 – The value of a publicist for some people and why people come to Brigitte.

14:24 – Brigitte making the switch to work with more creative types and artists and some of the challenges that came along with that.

16:22 – Why Brigitte is happier getting out and working one-on-one, face-to-face with people rather than just sitting at her computer by herself.

19:40 – The idea that big problems need big teams.

21:55 – Why Brigitte doesn’t want to work solo by herself but also doesn’t necessarily think being a big company is for her either.

26:10 – What scares Brigitte about the transition she is making.

33:04 – Ryan Holiday’s methods for PR and what he does.

35:18 – Why Brigitte’s work matters so much to her.

41:19 – The cause, topic, or issue Brigitte feels the strongest about but isn’t using her voice for and why that is.

47:25 – Be relentless focused on what you’re doing to make a bigger impact with your work.

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