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Productive Flourishing
Episode 43 - The Art of Work with Jeff Goins

Episode 43 - The Art of Work with Jeff Goins

Many of us don’t know exactly what we want to be. We wander through life dissecting our likes and our wants without realizing this is a process which gives our calling time to present itself. Life’s dopamine shots of getting it now can interfere with your ability to share your gift. If you write call yourself a writer, if you paint a painter, etc. If you believe it others will too. Jeff’s work  embodies his past experiences and it shares how he overcame his previous assumptions about what path he should be on. He believes we should ask ourselves “If I am in the same place as I am today 10 years will I regret it?”

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] I always thought I would be an artist

[3:17] Building an online community for a non-profit

[4:59] I had a freelance writing website but no personal brand

[7:02] Who exactly got pregnant and being in a dangerous place

[10:05] Coaching, teaching and leading

[13:45] The 7 steps you need to achieve your dreams

[18:10] Expand the use of “finding your calling”

[19:34] Are we too busy to listen to our lives

[23:22] Assumptions about paths you find in life

[27:21] Everybody quit their job, which was not my intention

[28:12] I wrote this book to touch people and it’s working

[30:09] Organizational challenges and acquiring discipline

[33:20] The responsibility of sharing your gift with the world




Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
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