Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Episode 42 - Live a Savvy Life with Stephanie Carls

Episode 42 - Live a Savvy Life with Stephanie Carls

The impression that you make while connecting on social media can help you land the perfect job or it can haunt you. Your online personal brand is what the world sees so, make certain it is authentically you. It may be difficult in the future to cover up any regrets. In this 24 hour socially engaged world realize, it is ok to say no and ok to step offline for Its important to reasses the image you want to promote, as well as the path you want to take towards your future.

Key Takeaways:

[1:34] Stephanie took note of powerhouse women in social media

[4:14] The passion for video weaves through Stephanie’s life

[6:08] Tips and Tricks in video got me noticed

[8:24] Ahead of the curve using YouTube annotations but not on mobile

[10:30] The book that helped developed my personal brand

[11:28] Take a step back and it’s ok to say no

[13:28] Talking about the toll it takes to be successful

[15:17] Working for someone else was the next step

[17:04] There were no notifications on Twitter or Facebook at the time

[20:00] Get used to the stats and then measure your success in reactions

[24:06] You are connected but you are really not connected

[25:41] The impression of connecting

[28:00] What you put on social media should be who you are, it matters

[31:43] Your digital footprint 

[33:52] Can you have an after 5 profile and a business profile

[35:20] A day job that carries over into managing a digital lifestyle

[37:52] Finding the time for everything is a challenge

[39:43] Take into consideration the digital footprint you are leaving


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Productive Flourishing
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