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Episode 38 - Every Day Is A Pivotal Point with Kevin Briggs

Episode 38 - Every Day Is A Pivotal Point with Kevin Briggs

Sergeant Kevin Briggs is a retired California Highway Patrol officer who spent most of his time on the Golden Gate Bridge encouraging people not to commit suicide by jumping. He was nicknamed the guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge and has helped over 200 people make the decision not to end their life. After retiring, he continued his work by traveling worldwide to speak on the subjects of crisis management, suicide prevention, and leadership skills. He speaks and teaches at conferences and law enforcement departments, as well as consulting and advising major companies and corporations. His story has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, which includes him being a cancer survivor, dealing with heart issues, and going through a divorce. He is currently working on his autobiography set to release in July of 2015. Kevin joins Charlie on the show today to discuss his work and knowledge of crisis management, share some personal stories, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

02:35 – Kevin’s first encounter on the Golden Gate Bridge.

06:01 – The little amount of training Kevin had received before taking his first suicide call and why that is.

08:43 – The emotional journey Kevin goes through when taking a suicide call and how it changes his perspective on life.

11:06 – Kevin’s second suicide encounter.

12:57 – Handling compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and Kevin’s own depression.

15:55 – The importance of police officers and others in that field of work getting help for their stress and depression they may feel after seeing the things that they see.

19:14 – What the Quality of Life Triad is and where that came from.

21:43 – The importance of self-care and the resistance Kevin faces from fellow officers.

25:14 – Why people are so reluctant to seek help.

27:55 – Kevin’s RELEASE model.

31:55 – Tips on how to listen to someone and help them without judging or telling them what they need to do.

33:45 – Kevin’s own personal situation he dealt with when finding out his son was cutting.

38:44 – The importance of communicating and talking with your family and friends.

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