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Episode 37 - Do What You Can, When You Can with Carla Birnberg

Episode 37 - Do What You Can, When You Can with Carla Birnberg

The smartest thing Carla ever did with regards to writing her book is collaborating with a person who was just as emotionally involved as she was. She was so used to going full throttle all the time she needed to learn that you can ask for help or even quit it for a while and go back to it later. She found that using online collaboration tools allowed the words to flow and increased her and her partner’s productivity. The only part of the process she found difficult was when asking for blurbs, even when Venus Williams offered to write cover quote.

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] How Carla got to where she is today

[4:20] Blogging is great because there is instant feedback

[5:42] Simple teaching stemmed from simple learning techniques

[6:55] My name was cutesy because that’s what bloggers did

[9:04] People embraced my change

[9:59] Struggle is universal, it’s more than fitness

[11:30] Apologizing for what?

[11:59] Being processed oriented versus outcome oriented

[13:26] The smartest thing we ever did was become emotionally invested

[14:40] Sorry this letter is so long. I didn’t have time to make it shorter

[15:57] Splitting up the chapters helped us enjoy the tight deadline

[18:12] This is how I flow now

[19:53] Collaboration can open up so many ideas

[20:41] The book was the easy part, the blurbs caused the friction

[22:33] The cover quote was a reach

[23:58] The Art of Asking

[25:38] I rock the NO

[26:27] It was the right time to write the book

[27:20] Quitting and moving on doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to it

[27:54] Well where to now? What’s next?

[29:30] The beginning of the #wycwyc

[30:18] All of our struggles are the same

[30:59] Comfortability with yourself




TheArtofAsking - Amanda Palmer

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Productive Flourishing
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