Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Episode 35 - Weave Your Magic into Your Life with Andrew Bennett

Episode 35 - Weave Your Magic into Your Life with Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett is a former Fortune 500 corporate executive and started his career working as H. Ross Perot's personal assistant. Andrew teaches corporations his transformation framework, which he developed through his passion and understanding of magic. He uses three principles for incorporating change into a company – appear, disappear, and restore and in the episode he explains further how this framework has improved businesses and professional relationships. Andrew shares to Charlie his personal struggles and life story, finding meaning in his life, and his passion for magic.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Andrew talks about how he got started.

[6:45] When we get comfortable, we will miss important life-changing opportunities.

[10:10] Andrew talks about the first time he incorporated a magic trick in a business presentation.

[12:55] When Andrew hit rock bottom and lost all of his material possessions and was bankrupt, he knew that he had a higher purpose.

[20:30] We're not meant to 'just survive'. We're suppose to thrive and our scars enable us to thrive.

[29:30] Good leaders focus on making their employees better people.

[32:25] How has Andrew's magic helped him in business today?

[37:40] Andrew's framework is appear, disappear, and restore.

[39:40] What's Andrew's most unanticipated challenging that he's facing right now?

[43:20] The final takeaway? People don't realize there's a lot of power in hope.

Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
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