Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
Episode 34 - Living a Full-Color Life with Melissa Dinwiddie

Episode 34 - Living a Full-Color Life with Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa evangelizes that feeding your creative hungers is one of the fastest routes to happiness. As a happiness catalyst and creativity instigator Melissa empowers people to find and follow their callings, create their art and share their work because that’s how you will change the world.

An artist in multiple forms Melissa models living a full color life and shares her writings, artwork and music on her blog, Living a Creative Life where you can also find her podcast Live Creative Now. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:04] Melissa lived in shades of gray and has transitioned to full color

[3:11] The sustainable calligraphy business

[4:48] A personal crisis that sent me into the gutter and then to create Living a Creative Life

[8:00] The universe tell you when it’s time. If you don’t listen it will hit you with a 2x4

[13:18] Understanding your creative process is key

[15:25] Melissa hadn’t been given the business gene. She was in the wrong line

[17:44] Even an abundance of praise can make you question your creativity. Mindset helps

[23:00] I don’t care it’s crap. Live in a creative sandbox with your ridiculously achievable goals

[24:47] How to work through the tension of achieving your goals and obtaining motivation

[32:25] Ultimate value refers to personal value and not necessarily technical skills

[36:25] Prolificness allows you to get it out there and then the ability to build upon it

[38:15] Finding the challenges and needs of others can be extremely satisfying. Love your job!

[41:41] Delegating tasks and letting go of things seems hard but it can free you to be in the flow

[46:29] Doing your creative thing is not self indulgent

Mentions In This Episode:

Mindset - Carol Dweck

TinyHabits - BJ Fogg





Productive Flourishing
Productive Flourishing
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