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Episode 30 - Advancing Craftsmanship with Breanne Dyck

Episode 30 - Advancing Craftsmanship with Breanne Dyck

Breanne Dyck is a strategist, coach, and consultant whose expertise is in distilling information, drawing key insights, and helping her clients achieve light bulb moments. She helps microbusinesses grow their revenues and their impact by applying the principles of adult learning. Her clients include speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, and other microbusiness owners, and she helps them achieve world-class results for their businesses and their customers. She has consulted on many products and courses, live events, and workshops for thought leaders, including New York Times and Amazon bestselling authors. Chris Guillebeau has called her a “course design rock star.” Breanne joins Charlie on the show today to talk about her extensive body of work, share knowledge, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

01:33 – How Breanne got started in her field of work.

06:05 – What made Breanne want to start her own business.

10:02 – When Breanne realized she could make courses and start helping people.

14:19 – Breanne is not a natural risk taker or experimenter.

17:39 – It’s the taking of action that produces learning.

20:55 – Learning in the higher level of mastery, as according to Bloom’s taxonomy.

25:56 – What the hack-first mentality is and the problem with it.

32:56 – Challenges Breanne faced once she started doing course building.

37:19 – Breanne likes to take theoretical knowledge and make it really practical and actionable, but found she was resisting doing that in the beginning.

42:39 – The challenge of being in a microbusiness but not having an infinite amount of time and resources to devote to making it perfect and the “curse of expertise.”

51:59 – Wanting to avoid the perception that we don’t know what we’re doing.

54:29 – The most unanticipated challenge that Breanne is currently facing.

56:40 – The pursuit of craftsmanship, of excellence, of doing amazing work is always a pursuit worth going after.

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