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Episode 29 - Building an Inspiring Tomorrow with Valerie Groth

Episode 29 - Building an Inspiring Tomorrow with Valerie Groth

Val Groth is a former school social worker in the inner city schools of Chicago. She holds dual masters degrees in social work and educational leadership, which has helped her work with students in crisis. After her career as a social worker she entered the field of life coaching and works with clients around the world, helping them make positive transformations in their lives. She also hosts her own podcast, Inspirations With Val, which is top ranked on iTunes. It has received over 140,000 downloads per month and has listeners in over 130 countries. In addition to that, Val’s newest project is to build Chicago’s first boarding school for inner city students, The Ryan Banks Academy, set to open for the 2018-2019 school year. Val joins Charlie on the show today to talk about all of that and much more.

Key Takeaways:

02:30 – How Val got started and came to where she is now.

5:22 – Moments that started to pull Val out of her nervous, fearful shell she had as a child.

7:26 – What Val did after she got out of school.

09:47 – How Val got into life coaching.

11:29 – Some major lessons Val learned and challenges she faced when she first started out coaching.

19:00 – What lights Val up about the coaching work she does.

21:57 – We are living in a great day and age where it is very easy for people to create in ways that most help them thrive.

24:29 – How the idea for The Ryan Banks Academy came about.

27:36 – If Val got to a point where she had to choose between life coaching and Ryan Banks Academy, which would she choose and why?

32:23 – Ways people can support The Ryan Banks Academy.

34:20 – Lessons Val has learned since starting The Ryan Banks Academy.

36:09 – The most unanticipated challenge Val is currently facing.

38:08 – A mindset Val has that she feels needs to change.

40:06 – Val feels she is here to inspire people and to bring out the best parts of them.

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