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Episode 27 - Leveraging Your Quiet Power with Tara Gentile

Episode 27 - Leveraging Your Quiet Power with Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is an author and business strategist, who works with entrepreneurs and helps them design their personal “quiet power strategy” that will tap into their strengths and help them lead themselves where they want to go. She teaches her clients how to find what makes them most effective. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design Sponge, and in the bestselling book The $100 Startup. She is also an instructor and speaker, teaching about entrepreneurship, money, and the new economy. She joins Charlie on the show today to talk about her journey and her work and share some of her insights on the entrepreneurial world. 

Key Takeaways:

01:40 – How Tara got started doing what she does.

06:28 – The hardest lessons Tara learned during her first years of business.

09:58 – How Tara’s background in religious studies helped and also didn’t help in her early years of business.

13:23 – Figuring out how what you create aligns with people’s worldviews and with their needs and with their values.

14:29 – Entrepreneurs realizing that they’re solving the same problem everyone else is solving, but doing it in a way that’s completely unique to you.

15:42 – What Kick Start Labs is all about.

18:40 – How Tara balances being an introvert and doing the work that she does.

23:51 – How being a control freak can get in the way of being an entrepreneur and navigating a business.

28:37 – Moments in Tara’s career that made her know for sure this was what she wanted to be doing.

34:33 – What Tara is afraid of right now in her work. 

37:57 – The most unanticipated challenge Tara is currently facing.

39:30 – Leverage what’s most effective for you.

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