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Julie Daley: Becoming a Force of Nature (Episode 24)

Julie Daley: Becoming a Force of Nature (Episode 24)

Formerly "The Creative Giants Show" Episode 24

Topics We Explored:

  • Why Julie left a 17-year career as a systems analyst to teach people how to tap into the source of their creativity

  • What causes children to lose their creative spark and how we can reclaim our own spark

  • How our internal voice of judgment gets in the way of creativity

  • Why it’s important to remember that we’re not just our intellects

  • What it might be like if we lived our lives as if we were writing on a whiteboard

  • What our culture might be like if we could all learn how to embody the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves in healthy ways

  • Why doing what you love is not a selfish thing but can instead be a way to serve

“What comes your way is always what you need in the moment – what you need to wake up – what you need to realize who you are. None of it is wasted.” –Julie Daley

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Julie Daley:

is a teacher, writer, and coach, who has led hundreds of people from all walks of life on a journey to awaken the soul, the source of true creative expression. Her journey began in 2001 after two deeply traumatic experiences caused her to leave her career as a systems analyst to become a certified Creativity in Business teacher, which is a course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Julie has worked with top teachers and trainers around the world in emotional intelligence, conscious embodiment, leadership potential, spontaneous awakening, the sacred feminine, finding one’s purpose, healing the pain of the past, and disconnecting from negative conditioning.

Julie has worked with corporations, including Microsoft, and she currently teaches Creativity and Leadership at Stanford University Continuing Studies. She guides individuals in specialized creativity courses, both in person and online.

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