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Episode 21 - Gathering the People with Sarah Bray

Episode 21 - Gathering the People with Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray is a wife and homeschooling mom who has spent the past nine years working with clients as a strategic designer, front-end developer, and nation-builder. She has consulted with over 100 clients on content strategy, product design, marketing strategy, brand and identity development, and online business development. Now she is mostly a writer who is about to finish up her new book Gather the People. She is a huge advocate for nation building as a people-first alternative to traditional marketing and business development and always has a lot of projects going on. She joins Charlie on the show today to talk about what she does and how she got to where she is.

Key Takeaways:

01:33 – Sarah started out as a Web designer.

04:11 – Sarah decided she wanted to care about what she was working on, so she shut down her Web design studio and started her own marketing company.

05:39 – Shortly afterwards, Sarah went to work for a software company in Washington State.

08:35 – Sarah gave herself three weeks to write her book, and she is now on the last week.

10:44 – People confuse risk and uncertainty, and that’s a huge mistake.

17:45 – The trick to wanting to put something out there, a big idea you have, is to reduce the scope of what you’re doing to something that’s really small, and then make that one small thing really well and fantastic.

21:10 – What is really hard about growing as an entrepreneur is competing with your past self all the time.

26:29 – Everything that we make and create has the potential to expand someone else’s world.

31:46 – Sarah also homeschools her kids.

40:21 – There’s conflict in everything that you learn, and sometimes that conflict involves other people.

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