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Episode 19 - Find Your Own Success with Jake Ducey

Episode 19 - Find Your Own Success with Jake Ducey

In 2013, when Jake Ducey was 19, he dropped out of college to backpack the world. That then inspired him to write his first book Into the Wind, which he self-published, and it ended up making it to the top 300 on the Amazon bestseller list. He used the money from that book to build an orphanage in Guatemala and has since gained a strong online following and wrote his second book, The Purpose Principles. He has given a TEDx talk and has traveled the nation speaking to over 100 schools and corporations. This summer Jake will be joining The Warped Tour, touring 52 cities in 70 days. He joins Charlie on the show today to talk about his journey and the success he has achieved by following his own path.

Key Takeaways:

00:31 – Jake dropped out of college at the age of 19 to backpack the world.

06:20 – It wasn’t about quitting everything and going to the next country. It was about making a difference.

06:46 – Jake decided that if his first book worked out he would build an orphanage for Guatemala.

07:09 – Jake taught himself how to write, sold his books door to door, and it ended up making the Amazon bestseller list.

09:50 – Jake’s newest book is called The Purpose Principles because he had read The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, who also wrote the forward to the book.

16:28 – Jake will be emceeing The Warped Tour this summer and doing a high school tour of 50 high schools this spring.

21:37 – The Gallup polls for the fall of 2014 showed that 73 percent of Americans said they’re actively disengaged from their jobs.

23:00 – Jake believes success is feeling content and happy within ourselves.

25:08 – Jake is creating a TV show called Seeking Everyday Heroes.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Into the Wind

The Purpose Principles

Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Warped Tour

Brian Gadinsky, American Idol

The Success Principles

Bronnie Ware

John Gray


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Start With Why, Simon Sinek

First Things First, Stephen Covey

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