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Episode 15 - Cultivating Creativity During Motherhood with Lucy Pearce

Episode 15 - Cultivating Creativity During Motherhood with Lucy Pearce

Lucy Pearce is a number one bestseller on Amazon and has written several books on the subject of motherhood and women. Some famous titles include Moon Time, The Rainbow Way, and the Moods of Motherhood. She also has her own publishing company, Womancraft Publishing, that helps empower women and get their voices and books published. Lucy joins Charlie today to talk about how you can unleash your inner creative and not feel guilty about raising children while you're doing it. They also talk about how men can better support creative women and mothers, how to be a productive woman, and more today on Productive Flourishing. 

Key Takeaways:

3:10 – Lucy comes from a large family of creatives.

7:00 – When the creative woman can not express herself properly, then her dark side will come out more and more. 

10:10 – Multitasking is important at times, but you'd get more things done if you focus on one task at hand. 

13:40 – You have to prioritize time for yourself and your creative outlet. Talk to your partner and work with each other's schedules. 

15:20 – Have small creative side projects that you can pick up anywhere you are to help maintain your sanity. 

19:50 – Between Lucy's 1st and 3rd child, she wrote 4 books, but then again, she doesn't clean her house often or iron. It's all about your personal priorities. What are yours?  

23:30 – When reading about productivity tips, it seems like there's more of a male bias to it and it can be hard for many women to relate to. 

27:30 – How can the men support the creative woman or the mother? Lucy explains in this segment. 

31:20 – A woman's mood and creative energy levels vary depending on her cycle. It's important for men to be aware of that energy and what stage of her cycle she is in. 

34:50 – Lucy talks about her book Moon Time, which helps women chart their cycle and their creative energies. 

39:10 – Lucy has just taken on a PA and, as a natural lone wolf, she is learning how to delegate her work. 

42:40 – In this segment Lucy talks about her most unanticipated challenge so far. 

45:10 – Final takeaway? “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Don't put it off until next year, start now. 

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