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Episode 14 - Write, Publish, Repeat with Johnny B. Truant

Episode 14 - Write, Publish, Repeat with Johnny B. Truant

Johnny B. Truant is the co-founder of a publishing company called Sterling and Stone. He has written many fiction books like Unicorn Western, The Beam, Fat Vampire, and more. Johnny and Charlie go way back and have known each other for quite some time. On today's show, Johnny talks about his dreams in wanting to become a fiction writer, self-publishing, and gives great insight on how to make partnerships work.  

Key Takeaways:

1:40: - Charlie introduces Johnny. 

4:30 – Johnny writes four hours a day and can produce between 6,000 to 8,000 words. 

7:30 – Johnny talks a little bit about how he started writing. 

11:15 – It took 12 years for Johnny to write his first novel and then he gave up on trying to write fiction. 

16:00 – Don't be afraid to call yourself an expert! 

20:45 – New technology made it easier for everyone to do their own self-publishing. 

25:15 – People think that because they're doing creative work, they can not develop a reliable plan or path, but Charlie says this is not true. 

28:00 – Try not to compare yourself to Johnny. Work at your own pace and always try to do a little bit more than you did yesterday. 

31:00 – How does Johnny make it work with two other partners? He explains in this segment. 

39:20 – You need to respect the other partner involved, communicate, and treat your business relationship almost like a marriage. 

43:10 – If you are able to manage your expectations well, you won't end up being disappointed and you can move the business forward with your partners. 

46:00 – What's the one key takeaway? There's no substitute for hard work. 

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