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Episode 13 - Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing? with Todd Sattersten

Episode 13 - Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing? with Todd Sattersten

Todd Sattersten loves business books. He helps experts publish books and is the founder of BizBookLab. He is also the co-author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. He talks with Charlie today on the show about how he got started, why he decided to help others in the publishing industry, and more.  

Key Takeaways:

1:30 – Todd talks about how he got started in the book industry. 

5:45 – Due to the economic down turn and the shift in the book industry, Todd decided to take more of an entrepreneurial path instead. 

11:40 – Todd talks about paper versus digital formats and how it changed the industry. 

20:40 – Traditional publishing or self-publishing? There are benefits to both. 

28:35 – There's a fine between writing something you and a very small audience would appreciate and writing something the masses would love. 

32:45 – You have to have a clear focus on who your reader will be before you write your book. 

37:30 – Field test your book with a few of your critics before your book hits the market. 

40:50 – You always have to be promoting your book. Todd created custom book covers for his book to give away on special occasions. 

47:30 – Publishing can be a really good thing to add to your business model. 

50:15 – The one takeaway? Todd says, “Find the place you can easily see the gratitude that you have for it.”

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