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Todd Kashdan: How To Build Stronger Bonds (Episode 10)

Todd Kashdan: How To Build Stronger Bonds (Episode 10)

Topics We Explored:

  • Todd shared a wide range of insights in addition to various challenges he faces, tips for creating stronger bonds, and more. 

  • The difficult balance between academic research and family life, as well as the connections between creativity, productivity, daily routines, and self-discipline.

  • Whether and how anger might have a place in negotiations, and effective communication — plus, the role of emotional vulnerability and self-acceptance.

  • How we can embrace the full range of emotions humans are blessed with in order to access true productivity and creativity.

About Todd Kashdan:

is a public speaker, psychologist, professor, and author. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles about the meaning of life, strength and development, stress, and more. He is the author of Curious? and, his most recent book, The Upside of Your Dark Side.

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Episode Timestamps

2:45 – Todd explains how he has two core values and how challenging it is to manage both of them. 

7:24 – If you're doing things that aren't pleasurable, but are meaningful, then it's important to have discipline. 

11:00 – Everybody has their own set of tools, but it takes time for people to figure out what those tools are and how to use them. 

16:20 – Don't always be nice. It sometimes pays to call people out and be a little more narcissistic.

21:50 – Experiencing challenges or discomfort with others creates strong bonds. If you are always nice with certain people, then those bonds aren't tested and you may seek comfort else where. 

27:15 – Remember, experiencing anxiety, guilt, and embarrassment, although uncomfortable, these emotions have a purpose. They serve to remind you to be considerate of others. 

35:30 – If you are impulsive and say what's on your mind without being a jerk about it, people tend to view you as more open, more kind, and will want to be in relationship with you. 

43:50 – We become what we're doing, so what are you doing? 

47:30 – Charlie loves Todd's latest book, The Upside of Your Dark Side. 

48:20 – Todd talks about what's next for him in this segment. 

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