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Angela Wheeler: If You Aren't Doing What Matters to You, You're Not Being Productive (Episode 160)

Angela Wheeler: If You Aren't Doing What Matters to You, You're Not Being Productive (Episode 160)

What do we do when we’re feeling guilty about not being productive? Today’s episode is a discussion on the topic of productivity guilt. Charlie and Angela discuss some of the different ways productivity guilt can manifest itself, as well as provide some perspective and encouragement about whether we’re truly not being productive. These guidelines can help determine whether a change needs to be made.

Key Takeaways:

[2:14] - Oftentimes, when we talk about productivity, we focus on work and primarily the work we are not doing. But usually, to feel that guilt, you are doing something.

[3:45] - Anything you do that helps you flourish and become the person you want to be in the world, can and should be counted as productive. Eating, exercising, being a great a parent - all of these things make you a productive person.

[6:12] - Is what you’re doing actually a waste of time? This is a question you can use to help yourself gauge whether you’re really being productive. Charlie suggests evaluating a task by determining if you’re generating the results you need to be generating. If you’re not, something may need to change.

[9:20] - We are hardwired to be productive. Your body can be a good indicator of when you are accomplishing things, and on the flip side, when there are changes that you may need make.

[11:05] - Many people have the assumption about themselves that they are not a productive person. Everyone should have the assumption that they are productive, they are creative, and they want to get things done. When you’re doubting your productivity, whose voice and judgment are you using to determine that?

[12:53] - Charlie and Angela discuss our habit of comparing ourselves to others, and the trend of being okay with some aspect of ourselves (salary, level of productivity), until you learn about someone else’s and start comparing yourself to them. The more your friends are high achievers, the more you have to watch out for this. You have to have a lot of information about someone’s general context before you can fairly evaluate yourself against them.

[16:24] - When we talk about comparing ourselves to others and feeling guilt, it comes back to a conversation about priorities. If you are clear about what your priorities are, and you’re spending your time and energy on them, that’s the way it should be! The results may be different from someone else’s, but that’s because your priorities are different.

[19:57] - Today’s pace of life is setting the scenario for not allowing ourselves space to be human, and we’re trying to do a lot. Setting realistic expectations for what you can commit to, achieve, and be proud of can be good motivation. Stand on small successes and build from there.

[23:42] - For entrepreneurs, if you’ve been planting for a long time but you’re not yielding what you want, you may have a money model problem. You’re not alone! You may have to find another economic outlet that you can do simultaneously while growing your business.

[27:35] - The conversation about productivity is not just about things counted, but about moments spent and lives nourished. Looking at it this way can give you a better lens for whether you’re being productive or not.

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