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132: Q&A #9: Decision Fatigue, Business Growth, and Managing Multiple Projects While Overwhelmed

132: Q&A #9: Decision Fatigue, Business Growth, and Managing Multiple Projects While Overwhelmed

In the 9th Q&A episode, Angela joins Charlie to answer questions from the campfire about decision fatigue, business growth problems, and how to manage multiple projects when you’re already overwhelmed.

Key Takeaways:

[1:06] - The show must go on! As a precursor to the depth of this episode, Charlie and Angela talk a bit about balancing hectic schedules with times of self care.

[4:03] - The first listener from the Campfire wants to know what advice Charlie can offer on how she can reduce decision fatigue in all areas of her life.

[4:18] - Decision fatigue is when you are in the midst of making either micro or normal decisions, and you wear out. Charlie suggests a few things to help: 1) Defaults can save you so much by eliminating some of decisions you have to make, because you’ve already made them in advance. 2) Try to have your bigger decisions happen when you have high energy; creating and keeping a decision list can to help organize and prioritize these things. 3) Look for ways you can make top level decisions by analyzing more deeply the source of decision on a lower level.

[9:30] - Angela talks about how things can very easily start to cascade down when we haven’t had a chance to sit down and premeditate some of our decisions. Taking a little time beforehand to plan some things can save time and stress later on down the road when you have to make the decision or carry out a task.

[11:58] - Another campfire listener wants to know what suggestions Charlie has to handle business growth problems, specifically because she’s grappling between scaling and pivoting in her business.

[12:34] - When you’re have a growth challenge, take a moment to think about where you want to be three or five years down the road, and how does what you’re thinking about doing help get you there or prevent you from getting there.

[14:17] - Charlie encourages thinking about what scaling might allow you to do that really matters for your business, your team, your family, and your business ecosystem. Be clear about the why when it comes to growth and scaling.

[17:38] - In almost every case, eliminating something you’re doing is usually the best track forward, whether you’re scaling or pivoting. Anticipate that you might be making these types of decisions about every five to seven years.

[19:45] - Our last campfire listener is looking for some best practices on managing multiple projects, both in a professional and personal sense. How can she handle more than she can handle, and what tools and systems can be used to keep track of everything?

[21:00] - The first thing to do is start with a triage: which of the projects are absolutely essential? The timeline may need to be upleveled - set goals around the number of focus blocks you have. Another way to approach it may be by dedicating a day to one project, and moving each further along in that manner.

[23:42] - The other thing is to maybe get to a point of acceptable mediocrity - we can’t be excellent at everything all the time. Communicating with a support system the things you can and can’t do is very important.

[26:48] - We have to learn to say no more than we say yes; you can’t say yes to everything. Continue to check in with saying yes to the things that are in alignment for you.

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